The Swap-Box

With the Swap Box you can switch the order of 2 effects (chains) or pedals.
For Example, you can connect a tubescreamer to the A side and a booster to the B side.
This means that the guitar signal is going into the tubescreamer first and second to the booster, from where it goes out to the amp (or effects chain).
When you press the footswitch, the order of the pedals changes. So in this case first the booster, and then the tubescreamer.


  • High quality components
  • True bypass
  • Full analog
  • 100% Hand made
  • Neutrik connectors
Designer’s note: If have noticed that many people ask me if they have to connect a booster before, or after a driven effect. Or if you should connect their wah pedal before or after a distortion. That’s the reason the swap box exists, it doesn’t matter anymore. You can ‘flip’ 2 effects or even effect chains by just pressing the switch.

€ 89,- (incl. VAT)
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