Guitar Service

We cooporate with a very experienced guitar technician (Michael), who fixes all types of electric guitars and basses.
This varies from repairs to modifications and customizing equipment.
Michael has worked many years with worldwide famous guitarplayers when he was doing guitar service at Trimis musicstore in Athens.

Basic setup includes:

  • Neck rest
  • Nut adjustment
  • Trussrod adjustment
  • Intonation adjustment
  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Cleaning and polishing frets
  • Refreshing fretboard
  • Spraying and cleaning electronics
  • Tightening any loose hardware

Basic setup € 60 (excl. strings)

Our technician does modifications and customizations like pickup replacement, wiring and re-wiring, replacing compoments like switches, potmeters etc.

For more information and prices, or questions about service please contact here or call +31639352296