Distortion MKII

The RogerThat Distortion MKII pedal is designed to have a clear high gain sound, an aggressive attack, low noise and a wide audio spectrum. Above all, it is a professional Rock/Metal distortion that has the sound of modern leading, high gain tube amplifiers.


Distortion Deluxe

The RogerThat™ Distortion distinguishes itself by it’s aggressive and low noise sound.
The deluxe version has a 2nd channel with a seperate volume pot (solo) to adjust the output level. This feature is very suitable for gigs or any situation where you have to switch between volumes.



The RogerThat™ Delay is a very clear digital delay. Its key feature is that the delay effect doesn't change anything about your guitar sound, it just adds delay.
By adjusting the delay and repeat potentiometers you can change the amount and time of the delay.


The Boost +

The Boost + is a high-end level booster with a built in FX loop! That means that you can use it on your amps serial loop (to level boost your solo for example). At the same time you can add any modulation- or time based-effect (like a delay) with just one click through the FX loop.



The Chorus is a true bypass pedal with a Rate, Depth and Volume pot. It has a warm and vintage-like sound suitable for any style. By adjusting the depth and rate pot you can get sounds from the classic 12-string sound to a freaky LFO vibrato. The ON/OFF led blinks at the speed of the LFO so you always know the set speed rate.


Swap box

With the Swap Box you can switch the order of 2 effects or pedals.
For Example, you can connect a tubescreamer to the A side and a booster to the B side.
This means that the guitar signal is going into the tubescreamer first and second to the booster, from where it goes out to the amp (or effects chain).
When you press the footswitch, the order of the pedals changes. So in this case first the booster, and then the tubescreamer.