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- June 18 - 2014 - We have a new pedal in our stompbox line: The Boost +. It is a signal booster with a build in FX loop. The pedal can be used on the input of an amp or between the preamp and the power amp to boost the power tubes. This is the 2nd pedal designed in collaboration with the guitarist/producer/mixing artist John McRIS (
- May 2nd - 2014 - This month's 'Gitarist' includes an article about RogerThat Electronics.
- Apr 14th - 2014 - Info added for the 2 new products! The RogerThat Swap box and the Twin Paradox. For the Twin Paradox we included a connection video.
- Mar 24 - 2014 - Pictures added for the RogerThat Swap box and the Twin Paradox.

Twin ParadoxTwin ParadoxSwap BoxSwap Box

- Mar 9 - 2014 - Pictures added for the RogerThat Chorus and the Switchbox.
- Mar 4 - 2014 - For anybody who's interested, here's an interview about the pedals and equipment by Effectsdatabase
- Mar 3 - 2014 - Samples added for the Chorus and the Delay. Special thanks to Red Eyes from Amsterdam!
- Mar 1 - 2014 - Picture and info for the Switchbox is added. Available now!
- Feb 4 - 2014 - 2 new reviews have been added. One from Dirtbox - Guitar Gear Resource in the UK. The other review is from Guitarspot in Greece. And check out the nice video they've made!


RogerThat Electronics was founded in 2010 and is based in Amsterdam. Many years of research and experience taught us that good sound shouldn’t necessarily be expensive or produced by the greater brands in the industry. We were unsatisfied with the (non)existing products on the market and decided to do something about this. After intensively testing existing pedals and other guitar equipment we have created our own products. The products are created according to our taste in good sound and very importantly… STRONG. Read more...

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